Izwe Loans Spreading its Tentacles in Africa

Izwe Loans Spreading its Tentacles in Africa

South African specialist finance company Izwe Loans is among financial institutions that are rendering loan services to people who meet their requirements. The service provider targets formally employed individuals who have an unsecured term-loan offering.

Izwe Loans has not only made waves within the South African finance industry but it has spread its tentacles to developing pan-African micro-finance organisation with operations in Zambia, Ghana and Kenya. In these countries, the businesses are run by experienced local management teams, with active central support from South Africa.

With such a network, this registered micro-financier company makes unsecured loans which currently do not exceed R99 000 with tenors up to 42 months. Since it was founded, Izwe Loans has distributed over R3 billion to date to over 150 000 customers.

To speed its system, the company has employed the following financial tools on its website:

  • Disposable income calculator: Use our Personal Loan Calculator to work out over what period you will need to pay your loan and how much you will need to pay every month.
  • Online budgeting tool: Use our handy online budgeting tool to ensure you don’t spend more than you earn. A budget is the best way to manage your finances and keep track of your expenses.
  • Loan consolidator tool: Use this tool to calculate the sum of your debt and then determine what amount you will need to pay each month.

If you need to apply for a loan, click here and feel the online application form. Izwe Loans is a National Credit Act (NCA) that was promulgated in June 2006.


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