Capfin Loan – Fast, Easily Accessible Loans

Capfin Loan – Fast, Easily Accessible Loans

Capfin is a leading institution that strives to offer technologically-driven, cost-effective and accessible financial services, products and solutions to South Africans.

A registered credit provider, Capfin has partnered with Pep and Ackermans stores to provide easy access for competitive loan solutions.

How do you apply for a Capfin Loan?

Take your valid South African ID and your latest proof of income to your nearest Pep or Ackermans store.

Scan your South African ID and latest proof of income at the till point.

A Capfin consultant will call you back to complete your application.

How much can you get from Capfin?

  • Loan amounts of up to R20 000 are offered
  • Repayment terms range from 6 to 12 months

What are the benefits of applying for a Capfin Loan?

These loans are easily accessible

Applying for the loans is simple. There is also minimal paperwork involved.

Capfin has a 97% approval rating. Capfin has assisted thousands of South Africans and has gained a reputation as a trusted, reliable lender.

There is no need to stand in long bank queues. Because of the partnership with Pep and Ackermans, loan applicants can avoid long bank queues.

You get to benefit from pay-outs within 48 hours of approval. Capfin strives to provide fast, easily accessible loans, so you won’t have to wait too long after approval to gain access to your loan amount. Once you are approved, the loan amount is paid directly into your bank account.

As an existing Capfin customer you are able to apply online

Once you are approved for a loan you are able to use the loan amount however you choose. Use it to pay for school fees, a medical emergency or for home renovations- the choice is completely yours.


To find out more about Capfin Loans, simply call: 087 354 0000

You can also visit their website here:


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