Q-Zone consulting, finance and human resource experts

Q-Zone consulting, finance and human resource experts

Q-Zone Consulting Loans – The success of corporate organisations and many others is anchored around an efficient human resource structure as well as availability of finance to drive business and operational expansion objectives. It is not surprising then that a South African business firm in the name of Q-Zone consulting chose to enter the market to focus on those key business areas. This fast growing business has its existence broken down into three service areas and these are Q-Zone loans division, Q-Zone staffing division and Q-Zone debt consolidation division.

Q-Zone staffing division has dedicated itself to the supply of human resource with the right skill at the right time both on temporary and permanent basis. But perhaps the divisions which have recorded remarkable growth and positively impacted thousands of people are the loans and consolidation divisions.

The debt consolidation division services those customers who are going through financial difficulty especially with regards to paying various credit accounts. This division ensures that those loan accounts are paid off leaving the customer with only one stream of debt account to service.

Loans division offers short and long-term loans. Short term loans offer cash amounts up to R40,000 with a maximum repayment period of 48 months and an approximate payment period of 24 to 48 hours. Long term loans come with a promise of a same day pay out and offers credit up to R1,000,000.

To qualify for these loans, one needs to be permanently employed with a monthly income, have a valid South African ID, be in possession of 3 months bank statement and proof of residence. Customers should also note that bank statements, ID and payslip are only required after being pre-approved.

Q-Zone consulting can be contacted on 0875864492 and trained consultants will be on hand to assist customers.

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