Loan Tycoon SA – Reliable Loan Broker

Loan Tycoon SA – Reliable Loan Broker

Searching for a suitable loan which meets all your individual needs can be time-consuming. At times it’s useful to find an institution which specialises in negotiating on your behalf, in order to work out the best possible loan deal. Loan Tycoon SA is one such reliable institution that provides loan broker services. The entity eliminates the tedious process of finding a loan, by doing it on behalf of clients. They undertake the task of searching for trusted lenders nationwide. Loan Tycoon SA finds loans that come in the form of personal, payday, short-term, debt consolidation as well as bad credit loans.  

There are still numerous challenges and difficulties associated with micro-lending, like bad credit, defaults and judgements on the part of consumers. Loan Tycoon SA has customer satisfaction at the core of its values in all its operations. It’s for this reason that blacklisted individuals are also included under the Loan Tycoon SA umbrella. It is usually extremely difficult for these individuals to get assistance when they need it most. Fortunately, these individuals and those who have defaults and judgements against their names can be assisted by Loan Tycoon SA to get loans, because of the relationships it has developed with lenders.

Loan Tycoon SA services extend towards assisting clients getting a loan of up to R150 000. Applicants must be South African citizens, who are 18 years or older.  They also need to earn a regular income of R1500 and above.

Applicants can contact Loan Tycoon SA by calling: 021 801 1251 or by emailing:

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