Diners Club Travel Insurance

Diners Club Travel Insurance

Diners club is a charge credit card that’s welcome everywhere and used for almost everything. And one of its main benefits is that it’s a travel card.

Therefore who better to get travel insurance from than a card that specialises in travel? I mean no one else can understand your travel needs better or your need for greater peace of mind incase life happens on your journey.

Such as your flight being cancelled, your bags lost or you becoming sick then rely on your Diners club travel insurance. As it has you covered, with automatic comprehensive travel insurance. For any public transportation ticket purchased using your Diners Club card whether it’s air, road or rail. You’ll receive automatic Phase 1 insurance cover, if you’re 74 years and under.

That would be complimentary automatic Diners club travel insurance offering cover for baggage delays or flight cancellations and for medical reasons. And that should come in handy should you get food poisoning, which is after all the biggest risk to the average traveller.

The full range of the free automatic cover includes up to R80 000 medical and related expenses cover locally and up to R2 000 000 internationally. Free emergency assistance services including legal and medical assistance. And up to R1 000 000 Accidental Death and Disablement cover. You can also pay a premium fee for an extended travel insurance cover of 91-180 days.

Then there are the optional tops up covers at competitive rates. These include cover for pre-existing medical conditions if you’re 74 years and under and for seniors who are 75 years and above. And with all the Top-Up travel insurance cover you receive End of Supplier Insolvency Cover, for irrecoverable sums paid in advance in the event of insolvency.

The additional Diners club travel insurance top-up cover is available online and via their call centre. Visit www.dinersclub.co.za/travel-insurance for the full range of Diners club travel insurance cover options.

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