Boodle Payday Loans

Boodle Payday Loans

Boodle is the quick online financial solution to your short-term financial hassles. Through their loans that allow you to borrow money for that short term, and most importantly when you need it most.

When your budget does not add up for the month and your salary could not cover that last minute expense that just popped up.

Boodle provides what is termed as payday loans. These are types of loans that can be granted with fast approval and payable when your next salary is due in about 30 days. And some payday loan providers even grant you an extra day or two such as boodle, which grants its payday lenders a max repayment of up to 32 days offering that extra time to get the money to pay back the loan via next payday.

Other advantages of lending through Boodle payday loans are that there is no need for collateral. Boodle lends you the cash hassle free, just when you need it and without long term commitments. Just further proof how Boodle provides that emergency cash that you need to tide you over until payday.

Boodle offer a quick cash advance solution for amounts of R500 or less or even R2 500 and less.

Boodle was one of the first online payday loan providers to launch in South Africa.

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