Visit for that Speedy Cash

Visit for that Speedy Cash

 Hey you! Wanna loan? Receive cash now with Wanna loan, whether you’re planning for a future project or it’s cash you need for a payment you can’t afford to miss.

Wanna loan is the same day, pay day, provider of small, paperless loans over short periods that you can quickly apply for online. And another benefit of the payday lending solutions company is that the first five days of the loan are interest free.

Short-term finance has seemed to become the future of the microfinance industry in South Africa and Wanna loan is right up there. Receive cash from R500 up to R3000 even if you’re blacklisted.

You’re welcome to apply. Just visit and applications will be approved where the applicant has defaults, judgments or is a registered slow payer. Responsible lending practice advises that you should only borrow as much as you can afford to pay back.

If you apply at the payout process is estimated to take an hour as the aim for payout is the same day your loan is approved.

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Use their online sliders at to tell them how much money you’d like to borrow and when your next salary date is. The sliders also give an exact breakdown of how much you’ll need to pay back with interest and fees.
  1. Complete your application by providing your personal information this is to assess your creditworthiness and your ability to pay the loan.
  1. Once approved, a bank account verification, employment and customer satisfaction checks will be completed. If all goes well you’ll have the money in your bank account within an hour.

Wanna loan is part of the Blackbird Group and it’s short term credit for your everyday needs. If you have a specific query you’re welcome to contact Wanna loan, payday loans customer service department on 0861 189 200.

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