For worry free trips there’s Mastercard travel insurance South Africa. Mastercard cardholders through the eligible transactions that they make on their card can benefit from travel insurance through the MasterCard® Consumer Credit and Debit Premium programmes.

As with travelling sometimes there are inconveniences such as cancellations or delays. Mastercard cardholders have the added peace of mind that their travel and accommodation expenses will be covered should they pay for their trip in advance with their Mastercard.

Included in the cover is lost luggage during a trip and flight misconnections. As a MasterCard, cardholder you can count on prompt and generous compensation to help you through a tight spot.

For greater peace of mind there’s also medical cover should you get sick or injured while on the road anywhere in the world. Count on Mastercard to help find the best medical care easily and quickly.

Protect your valuables too when travelling while you snooze on a plane or even watch out for purse pickpockets incase your card is lost, or is the object of a theft. Should this occur you’ll be reimbursed for unauthorised charges on the payment card, up to 24 hours prior to first reporting of the event to the issuing bank.

And even if you’re still in possession of the card and unauthorised charges are made on the card through in-store, telephone, ATM withdrawals or on-line purchase(s), using the credit card information. You’ll be reimbursed for the unauthorised charges, which are incurred up to two months prior to the first reporting of the event to the issuing bank.

As well as if you’re robbed by an unknown person. Your Mastercard travel insurance South Africa will cover you for the amount you withdrew from that ATM. And any medical expenses incurred by you directly within 12 hours of such robbery or threat of violence.

There’s also Purchase Protection where you’ll be insured for loss of a covered purchase due to accidental damage or theft occurring within ninety days from the date of purchase. And Extended Warranty which doubles the original manufacturers or store-brand warranty for up to 12 months. Saving you from having to buy more coverage or pay for repair costs for mobile phones, televisions, home appliances, tools, and more.

And lastly Collision Damage Waiver is insurance cover given when hiring a car from car rental agencies.