Vodacoms Econz wireless

It is a proven fact that human resource remains a key driving force behind organisational progress and success and by extension national economic development. Some  key elements in effective human resource development include general employee welfare, good remuneration and the ability to ensure employees are productive and contributing to maximum business efficiency.

Because of its self-awareness, Vodacom has realised that providing services and products which contribute to a better business and economic environment should be part of its business focus. It is for this reason that Vodacom launched the Econz wireless. This innovative management solution which is tailor-made for businesses which offer mobile or on site services like plumbing and electrical services, deliveries and IT support assists businesses by keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts and time expenditure.

This solution which doesn’t require specialised equipment because its mobile data collection service uses simple gadgets like cellphones, smartphones and tablets comes in three wireless packages which are all unique, these packages are timecard GPS lite, timecard GPS and Eservice GPS.

The timecard GPS lite is a solution that enables you to keep track of the location and driving behaviour of employees on the road regarding things like workers route, speed of travel and kilometers travelled. This solution enables alerts to be sent if the driver exceeds speed limits, gets stationary beyond agreed period of time or travels outside set route parameters. The timecard GPS lite also includes features like basic time and attendance which include clocking in, task/client capture, breaks and clock out. All the information for this solution is easily accessible through a web portal including 28 reports as well as Google mapping with terrestrial, satelite and 3-D mapping views.

The timecard GPS is the enhanced version of the lite because it offers all the tracking abilities of the lite version and added features like comprehensive time and attendance tracking, exported data to accounting and payroll systems, viewing of the job status of all mobile employees and generate reports and it also allows employees to log on and off, take breaks and log the tasks they are working on.

The EService GPS is a wireless dispatch and work order management solution which is created for companies that offer on-site customer services like plumbing, building, electrical companies or IT support. This solution allows for real-time records so that customers are invoiced immediately upon completion of the job, record resource usage like parts and labour and ensure availability for other jobs in the work queue, coordinate jobs based on team availability and location, get instant overview of the status of each job and keep track of the work team locations and job progress.

To access the Econz wireless, customers can dial 0821930 from the Vodacom cellphone.

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