Mortgage max pro, the future of home loans

Property remains one of the most secure investments an individual or family can ever make. Property is not only secure investment for decades but it also gives good returns in the long-term. In South Africa, one of the most cost-effective ways of acquiring property is through mortgage or bond. One institution which has exhibited excellence in this area of business and assisted many individuals and families is Mortgage max pro.

Mortgage max pro is a division of Mortgage max, one of South Africa’s most trusted mortgage origination and home loans companies. This firm which is based in Johannesburg but with a nationwide reach ensures that applicants are offered monthly bond repayment premiums that fall within their budget, thus ensuring a much higher rate of bond approvals.

The process of receiving help from this reputable firm is simple, if you have decided to buy a house and you have signed an OTP you will then contact the bond originator who will telephonically discuss the process and how to get started, with the first contact made with the bond originator they will send you a list of all the documents needed to complete your application, Once all the information has been checked and everything is accounted for, the bond originator will first send your application to your bank, once the bank has processed your bond they will send you an AIP (Acceptance in Principle) or a lower offer. Once all banks have sent this you may decide which bank you would like to accept the bond with and from there that bank will send you a final grant. You will then sign this and send back which leads to paying off the bond while you enjoy all the benefits of living in your own home.

Mortgage max pro can be contacted on 0118039820.

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