Nedbank Prepaid Credit Card

Nedbank Prepaid Credit Card

The changing financial landscape worldwide continues making it easier for consumers to meet their financial needs.

There are numerous people who may not qualify for access to a credit card and are left in the lurch as a result. This doesn’t have to be the case though. With the advent of prepaid credit cards, many people are reaping the benefits of being able to shop online without the hassle of having to share their credit cards details. Prepaid credit cards have also made travelling to foreign countries easier.

Tell me more about the Nedbank Prepaid Credit Card?

This type of card is pre-loaded with a set amount of money, instead of being linked to a bank account or providing a line of credit. So essentially, the amount you spend is limited by the value that you pre-load onto the card.

This is a reloadable card. So you can always loan more money onto it when the balance is running low,

To get this card, you need to make a direct visit to the bank.

Nedbank Prepaid credit cards look just like credit cards – with a security card, a card number and an expiry date.

The cards are generally easy to use and are widely accepted.


You can get a Nedbank Prepaid Credit Card even if you have bad credit. Your creditworthiness isn’t considered when you are applying for this type of card, because you aren’t really borrowing money from anyone.

You have the option of choosing the card that charges you the least amount of fees.

Getting a Nedbank Prepaid Credit Card can help to manage your budget. You’ll know exactly how much you can spend, since the amount will be loaded onto your account.

Applying for prepaid credit cards won’t influence your credit score.

Unlike with traditional credit cards, there is no need to worry about interest or any late payments.

To contact Nedbank, call: 0860 555 111


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