Does Online Accounting Has Any Influence On Evidence Evaluation In Deposit Money Banks 

Does Online Accounting Has Any Influence On Evidence Evaluation In Deposit Money Banks 

Accounting information is information which describes an account for a function. It processes financial transactions to provide external reporting to outside parties, such as to stockholders, investors, creditors, and government agencies.  

It should also increase the knowledge of the users and give a decision maker the capacity to predict future actions. Therefore, relevance accounting information can be described as an essential pre requisite for stock market growth. It’s believed that accounting information plays an important role in reflecting the market share price.  

But  amongst  all  these,  Accounting information has been perceived to be the most important factor used by investors, as investment decisions can be  made on the basis of a company’s stock and an organisation’s stock  price is a comprehensive reflection of the company’s future  profit. 

When it comes to online accounting influence on evidence evaluation in deposit money banks we explore the influence of e-accounting practices on the accounting procedure using the sampled Nigerian deposits money banks (DMB) for analysis.  

It’s been revealed that DMB banks put in place accounting softwares to generate their financial information. The results of data analysis and hypotheses tested showed that e-accounting will significantly improve accounting procedures in the Nigerian banks in terms of better cash management, cost saving, improved audit trails, convenient financial reporting and security. 

It’s been shown that using e-commerce affects the design of Accounting Information Systems and that using e- commerce provides appropriate accounting information about available substances at the right time, at a credible and stable degree for decision makers.  

E-commerce is rapidly transforming the way accounting functions are performed, posing new challenges to the accounting profession. One of the most important current influences on the accounting profession is the development of new information technology.  

Traditional business models are increasingly coming up against their limits while innovative payment solutions are urgently required to boost internationally oriented e-commerce.

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