African Bank Loans – A Review

African Bank Loans – A Review

African Bank offers a wide variety of credit and banking solutions to its clients nationwide. Forming part of these solutions, are the African Bank Loans. Offered as short-term, long-term or consolidation loans, the services are easily accessible through African Bank’s multiple branches across the country.

Short-term Loans:

Clients are provided with access from R1000 to R10 000 in finance, while they are guaranteed a flexible repayment term of 3 to 10 months. This loan is suitable for taking care of immediate emergencies.

Long-term Loans:

This facility has a higher limit as well as longer repayment terms. Clients have access to R180 000 in finance with this option. They also have 12 to 84 months to repay. This type of loan is suitable for long-term uses, such as property renovations, university fees, etc.

Consolidation Loans:

This loan gives clients the benefit of having one loan to absorb smaller, multiple loans. This type of finance is ideal for individuals who have more than 3 debts to their name, who are struggling with their present repayment plans. Clients can apply for finance of up to R180 000 to consolidate their debt.  Repayments are flexible, with terms ranging up to 84 months. The application process is straightforward: lenders can apply online or at any African Bank branch.

African Bank understands the challenges that individuals go through while facing an uphill financial battle.  This is why they have introduced the “Take-a-break facility” and made it available once a year to personal loan clients.

To apply for African Bank Loans, applicants need to be 18 years or older. They will need to bring their identity document, proof of residence, their latest original payslip as well as 1 month’s bank statement reflecting their salary.

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