Green oak capital – hedge fund management

A hedge fund is a pooled investment vehicle administered by a professional management firm and often structured as a limited partnership where management is paid a percentage of profits for performance and passive investors contribute money. The Hedge fund is typically formed as a private limited partnership that engages in speculation using credit or borrowed capital.

The crucial economic role, opportunities and the  expertise required is what attracted Green Oak Capital to the hedge fund sector of the economy. Green Oak Capital is a subsidiary of the Peregrine Group and an authorised financial services provider. Green Oak Capital was established about 8 years ago with a business vision of being a dedicated fixed income hedge fund manager that offers investors exposure to the South African fixed income market.

While Green Oaks business philosophy has always been about hedge fund management, they offer two strategies with varying risk levels and these are Green Oak Specialist and Go Green. The Green Oak specialist fund targets absolute returns of SARB Interbank Call x 1.5 whilst the Go Green fund targets absolute returns of STeFI x 2.5. Both strategies aim to achieve returns through yield curve, basis and duration trades in the SA fixed income market while maintaining capital stability.

Green Oak Capital with their tested strategies can indeed be trusted to manage funds especially with investors with long-term investment vision and the ability to invest their own money ensures that Green Oak aligns its interest with those of the investors.

Green Oak Capital can be contacted on 0218829436.

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