The Top Picks for Cash Loans Online

The Top Picks for Cash Loans Online

When it comes to getting cash loans online, there are a few options you can choose from. Whether it’s a bank or a private lender, you’ll need to go through a quick approval process before your loan can be approved and finalized.

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Here are a few options for cash loans online:

African Bank

For the best unsecured personal loans, African Bank is the lender of choice. They offer personal attention, easy and convenient application process and unbiased credit assessment. Some of the top benefits of their service include immediate loan approvals and fund transfers on the same day. They have competitive interest rates which can be fixed for the term of the loan.

Capfin Loans

There is no need to stand in long bank queues, and sign piles of paper to apply for a short term loan. All you need is your SA ID and latest proof of income, to be permanently employed and paid monthly into an SA Bank account. Capfin’s 6 & 12-month loan products are the result of years of refinement and conversations with our over 3million former and current customers, to understand what they need and when they need it.

Mpowa Finance

Successful applications received by us before 3pm will have the cash in their account by 5pm the same day. All contracts are signed as well as voice recorded for the protection of both parties. Also, reapplications are made online, making the reapplication process much easier.

Mr Cash Loans

All of their loan products are unsecured loans, meaning that you do not need surety in the form of an asset, such as your house or car, to secure your loan.  If you have difficulty in getting loans approved you can go to them for excellent service and fast approval.


Applying for Wonga is simple because their unique service is online from start to finish. To kick-off, use the sliders on the home page to decide exactly how much cash you want to borrow and how many days you need it for. They’ll show you the full cost and, once you’re happy, click apply. They’ll then ask you for some personal details and banking information for our super-speedy credit check.

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