Capfin Loans – Unique Credit Solutions to Empower Consumers

Capfin Loans – Unique Credit Solutions to Empower Consumers

The cost of living continues is becoming steeper on a daily basis. It’s becoming more challenging to stay above float for many individuals. Credit is often the last resort for many people as inflation, and other costs continue to have a negative effect on many budgets. Finding a loan solution with the just the right kind of features is often a challenge. Finding one that is as easy to access as Capfin loans is more difficult. 

Capfin Loans are credit solution providers with a difference.  They are offered with the intention to empower the masses of South Africans who are seeking financial assistance who have salary brackets. In conjunction with Pep Stores and Ackermans, the loans are available across the country.

Capfin loans are offered up to R20 000 in the most convenient ways. By applying for a Capfin loan, you can avoid having to deal with lengthy bank queues and uncomfortable face-to-face interviews. Capfin has a trusted reputation- having serviced over 3 million customers in just 4 years, with an approval rating of 97%.

How to apply:

Simply visit your nearest Pep or Ackermans store (there are over 2500 stores nationwide) and get your South African I.D scanned. In 5 minutes your application will be assessed and an SMS will be sent to the cellphone number you provided.

Thereafter one of the 900 professional Capfin consultants will call you on your cellphone to complete your application. To qualify, you’ll need to have a valid South African I.D, be permanently employed and provide proof of a monthly salary paid into your bank account.

Visit or call 087 354 0000 or email

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