Wanna loan – financial service provides

Wanna Loan offers the ultimate payday loan solutions to thousands of consumers nationwide.

The application process is made easy and simple through a paperless online process which can now also be accessed on mobile.

Providing easy short-term access to South Africans is the sole purpose of Wanna Loan. By recognising the needs of individuals who cannot approach other lending institutions, Wanna Loan steps up by providing small loan amounts over short periods of time.

As a leading payday lending company, Wanna Loan has established itself as a responsible lender. Wanna Loan is committed to lending to consumers who can afford to pay the loan amounts back timeously (usually in a month.)

Wanna Loan provides payday loans, which offer relief for consumers facing sudden expenses that come up before they receive their monthly salary. Designed to see you through until the end of the month, Wanna Loan’s payday solutions are highly sought after and helpful.  The company prides itself on being transparent about interest rates and repayment periods. An advantage of Wanna Loan’s payday loans is that the faster the loan is paid back, the lower the interest rate and fees.

How to apply:

  • Wanna Loan’s online sliders are a fast and efficient way of determining how much one can afford to pay back. Use them to calculate how much you can borrow and how much you can afford to pay back on the user-friendly site.
  • Provide Wanna Loan with your personal information so that Wanna Loan can assess creditworthiness.
  • Wait for approval from Wanna Loan.


Wanna Loan will complete the assessment process and have the money in your bank account within an hour if you qualify. The first 5 days are interest free and consumers have up to 40 days to repay the loan.

As a registered credit provider, Wanna Loan is obliged to lend to consumers who will be able to pay the loan amount back within the stipulated time period. The company is also determined to provide the most affordable solutions to consumer needs.

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