GoDaddy Online bookkeeping – ease of use guaranteed

GoDaddy Online bookkeeping – ease of use guaranteed

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping it’s not accounting software at all. It’s strictly a basic bookkeeping software with the ability to send invoices/estimates and track expenses and time. Ditch the pencil and paper and switch to online bookkeeping. 

Some of its Pros include: 
  • It offers cheap monthly cost
  • It’s easy to use
  • And it’s suited for small businesses
  • Extensive tax support is an extra bonus
  • Mileage deductions
  • Full access to business reports
  • Live bank feeds
  • You can set up payment gateways, enable automatic payment reminders
  • It offers an efficient set up in one place for a quick look at your business’s financial state 
  • Invoices can be emailed or print and sent by hand. You can add a custom business logo to your invoices
  • It offers ease of use

You don’t need much guidance with GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping due to its basic bookkeeping feature, excellent tax support, and eCommerce tools. Since GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping is cloud-based, the software is compatible with any device so long as you’ve internet access. The company recommends using the most up-to-date version of your browser for optimal usage. 

You can get paid faster through Amazon, eBay, and Etsy integrations that make the software ideal for online sellers trying to keep their small, side businesses organised. As integration with these products allow automatic sales importing into their account. Also PayPal accepts online payments and enables electronic payment of invoices. 

Smaller businesses who aren’t trying to keep pace with medium-to large-sized businesses might find GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping to be a decent option. It’s marketed toward sole proprietors and LLCs. The software is designed for small business owners who aren’t looking for full-fledged accounting but simply want a way to keep track of their business finances and get a little extra help come tax time. There is an interactive tour and a 30-day money back guarantee after sign up.

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