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South Africa is a country with a long history of migrant workers and mining. Until today, the remnants of the past still affect the working population. The mining industry is still robust and contributes significantly towards the economy.

Workers in industries such as this and farming, however, still face challenges in terms of easy access to finances. A number of South Africans work in remote areas of the country and have limited access to financial services. At Badger Loans, it was one of its initial targets to reach out to individuals such as mine workers and farm workers in remote areas who find it difficult to access loans because they are far from cities and towns.

Badger Finance Loans has trained consultants who are ready to help empower citizens in making informed financial decisions. The financial credit provider, which was established in 2012, provides personal loan options to individuals.

In order to qualify for consideration, individuals need to be at least 18 years or older, have a bank account with debit order facilities and a South African I.D. They will also need to provide proof of residence as well as proof of employment in the form of a payslip. These personal loans fall within the range of R2,000 and R30,000. They can be useful in assisting clients pay for expenses such as home renovations, wedding preparations, study fees, medical fees etc. Clients are given between 6 and 36 months to repay the loan amount. As a registered financial and credit provider, Badger Finance believes in responsible lending.
Contact Badger Finance: 086 100 1024.

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