What you need to know about Car Insurance Quotes Online

What you need to know about Car Insurance Quotes Online

The insurance market is highly contested. South Africa also has a robust insurance industry, with hundreds of insurance companies competing for the attention of various consumers.

While brokers and agents still have a place within the industry, more people are opting for car insurance quotes that they can get online.

In South Africa, the insurance types that you can get include:

Comprehensive– This is the most expensive type of cover and is also the most extensive, as you get complete coverage.

Third Party, Fire and Theft – The cover does not pay out for accidents.

Third Party– This is cover for third party incidents

The good thing about getting car insurance quotes online is that it increases competition within the industry. You are able to get quotes from various insurance providers –giving you more choice.


One of the biggest online insurance comparison websites in South Africa, Hippo has a user-friendly website and is becoming more popular in the South African market.


AS one of the most popular insurance providers in South Africa, Outsurance offers its clients a number of benefits for choosing its services. One of the most appealing features offered by Outsurance is their Cash Back Bonus, which rewards individuals for not claiming. They have a user-friendly website that has quite a lot of information about the types of insurance products offered.

What do you need before you get car insurance quotes online?

Assess your insurance needs

You need to start by knowing what type of insurance cover you need

Ask for a discount

You can ask for a discount. Take advantage of the information available online.

Shop regularly for new prices

Consider driving less

Only buy what you need

Get a tracking device fitted into your car


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