Let Credit Salvage lend you a loan

Apply for a consolidation or home loan of up to R50 000 with Credit Salvage who assist their customers to make applications for a loan.

If you have several loans to pay to different suppliers you can now consolidate your loans through one loan. By applying for a debt consolidation loan through one of Credit Salvage registered NCR credit providers.

Interested clients will provide Credit Salvage with the necessary documentations ID, proof of income and address and 3 month bank statement.

How the loan application process work

  • Once a pre-approved loan amount is received Credit Salvage immediately contact your creditors and start the negotiating process whereby they’ll attempt to save you as much money as they can.
  • Once a settlement figure of the outstanding amount has been agreed upon they will then proceed to process the loan and depending on circumstances the loan will be disbursed into your creditor’s nominated account and the balance will then be transferred into your personal nominated account.
  • Once the creditor has been paid and all paperwork is in place Credit Salvage will nominate one of their networks of attorneys to attend to the rescission of your judgment.

In the process Credit Salvage will counsel clients who do not qualify for a loan on how to manage financially, as well as clients who do qualify, on how to ensure that regular repayments are made on schedule. They will monitor repayment closely as to ensure you don’t get blacklisted again.

Home loan requirements:

  • In order to qualify for a home loan Credit Salvage will first proceed to clear you name from the credit bureau. If you need a loan to settle creditors you’ll go through the loan application process as with the personal loans.

Documentation required:

  • Your personal information including banking details and ID Documents
  • 3 month bank statement and Payslip
  • Audited financials (where applicable)
  • The advantages of their home loans:                            They submit only one application to all the major banks (ABSA, Nedbank, FNB, Standard Chartered and Standard Bank) and negotiate on your behalf the lowest possible interest rate.
  • Once process has started fast service and better chance of success is guaranteed.
  • An explanation in detail of all the different banks home loan options and handling all queries from the bank to the applicant
  • Second bonds and home loan switches

Download their application form www.creditsalvage.co.za to register with Credit Salvage and utilise their services or fax 086 537 4733 the form or dropping it off at their offices 63 North Road Linden Extension, Randburg, 2194 or call them on 087 807 8566.

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