FNB has millions of customers that use their cellphone banking services on a daily basis and benefit from features such as the ability to add and edit recipients, make payments to accounts, view mini statements and buy prepaid airtime.

When it comes to FNB cellphone banking, registration is very easy. You can do that online, or in a branch, or by phoning their support centre. You can also register directly from your mobile phone.

Be in control of your banking and manage your money with this simple online system, available 24/7. Enjoy access to extensive banking services ranging from investing, insuring and foreign exchange to prepaid products and ADSL packages.

Here is a list of things you can do with FNB cellphone banking:

  • View detailed balances and transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make payments (including once-off payments)
  • Add, edit or delete recipients
  • Send money with eWallet
  • Send and receive global payments
  • Buy Forex and get it delivered to you
  • Open new accounts in under 10 minutes
  • Get personalised offers for upgrades, limit increases
  • Order new smartphones and tablets

If you need assistance with cellphone banking, you can phone the FNB cellphone banking number and a consultant will walk you through the process. You can phone 087 575 9405 for support.


Making use of cellphone banking is the ultimate convenience in banking. You can make payments late at night, which is great if you have forgotten to pay someone. If you run a business can also access your business accounts any time you want, and even view mini statements or make money transfers.

FNB is well-known for their superior Internet banking facilities, and they have won numerous awards in South Africa. This is why there are cellphone banking is also so popular, and this is used by millions of people all over the country, on a daily basis.