Loan it through the ATMLoan it through the ATM

Forget about online lending being the fastest way to gain a loan there’s also the ATM, which unlike the internet is one of the most accessible facilities. Believe it or not, ATMs can be used for so much more than simply drawing cash or checking your balances or other notable services we know it for.

Rather than queuing inside a branch for a loan, it’s easy to take up a short term loan at any FNB ATM. This option to loan is available to customers with an active FNB Cheque or Smart account. It’s a temporary loan that requires no application forms to be complete and if you qualify for the loan the money will be credited to your account instantly. The amount you qualify for is dependent on your credit profile and is subject to credit approval and only a small start-up fee is applied on all ATM loans.

The temporary loan can be taken up not only through any FNB ATM, but also through other channels of obtaining a loan such as Online, Cellphone Banking or any FNB branch.

What the temporary loan allows you to do:

  • The loan can be used for any purposes you need funds for.
  • Should you repay the total loan or outstanding balance within 31 days, you don’t pay any interest.
  • The loan offers convenience: Any deposits made into the FNB transactional account from the day after taking up the loan will be allocated towards the payment of the loan.

This service is a South African first, Currently FNB and ABSA offer the service, it allows the existing customer to check if they are eligible for a loan by checking at the ATM whether if they qualify for a loan or not.

FNB Temporary Loan Queries call 0861 276 937.

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