Micro Loans with Xcelsior Loans

Micro Loans with Xcelsior Loans

For that quick cash loan for emergencies, there’s Xcelsior Loans who offer loans to their clients against moveable assets such as cars, trucks, bikes and even motorised sports vehicles, like jet skis.

The moveable assets are kept as a form of a secured loan where these security assets are used as collateral and ownership of the assets still remains with the clients. The security asset is then kept by Xcelsior Loans as collateral until you’re able to pay them back.

Xcelsior accept all types of vehicles from cars to boats as collateral with the loan amount being determined by the value of the vehicle. And customers in any financial situation including those who are blacklisted are welcome to get a loan.

Xcelsior is a provider of short-term loans. We are a registered South African lender specialising in micro finance backed by motor vehicles. Your valued asset(s) will be kept in a secure storage facility for the duration of the loan agreement. Moreover, insurance will cover your asset(s) just in case any unforeseen accidents or so may happen.

You can apply for the loan if you have a vehicle or a moveable asset that’s paid off and in your name or a close relatives name as the asset will be needed as collateral. You’ll also need a copy of your ID document, proof of address and the original registration papers of the security asset(s) to pawn for cash.

And once Xcelsior have received the documents, your cash for the loan will immediately be deposited into any bank account of your choice.

For a very simple and flexible online application process visit http://www.xcelsiorloans.co.za/apply-for-a-loan to apply!


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