Brokering institutions are a key component in having financial houses which expeditiously deliver products and services to the market. Brokers also come in handy for clients in accessing suitable products and services with suitable conditions. Loan link is a perfect example of an ideal broker existing as a mortgage originator.

Loan Link is a holding company with operating subsidiaries involved in the Mortgage origination and allied industries. This business house has dedicated itself to providing services with values of integrity, efficiency, care and responsibility, transparency, quality, enthusiasm and objectivity.The vision of this financial concern is to create welfare over the longer term for shareholders, franchisees, personnel, consultants, estate agents, developers and banks.

This financial house also assists in filing applications for personal loans of up to R150,000 and cellphone contracts.This assistance can be rendered even if ones credit record is bad or under administration or debt review.

By using Loan link, clients are assured of getting the best possible interest. Clients are however advised interest rates is not the only criteria to determine a good deal. Banks consider other factors to consider the interest rate.These factors include the credit risk of the applicant, the value of the loan, current volatility of the property market, the location of the property, the equity you put into the transaction and the purpose of the loan.

Loan link can be contacted on 0126749500.