Capitec Bank – Providing Innovative Personal Loan Solutions

Capitec Bank – Providing Innovative Personal Loan Solutions

Since inception in 2001, Capitec Bank has positioned itself as an innovator in the South African financial industry. Specialising in providing simplified banking solutions, Capitec continues to establish itself as a market leader. One of its most recent major accolades is being named by The World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of Africa’s 16 most dynamic Global Growth Companies (GGCs.) Companies on the World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies list are considered as trailblazers, shapers and innovators that are committed to improving the state of the world and are nominated on the strength of their ability to become future global leaders.

It’s against this backdrop that Capitec continues to create innovative solutions such as their range of Personal Loans.

The Global One Account gives clients access to Capitec’s personal loan, which can be repaid over a period of 84 months. Up to R200 000 is offered in finance, which is higher than what most lenders are usually willing to offer. Clients are given the option to transfer some of their funds into their transactional account (via internet banking or ATMs or cellphone banking.)

An additional benefit provided by Capitec is the lower interest rate charged for individuals whose salaries are paid into a Capitec account. Global One Card holders are charged zero fees for withdrawals at Capitec ATMs as well as for swipes. Loans are provided at fixed interest rates, so clients are assured of consistent repayment amounts throughout the loan period. Amounts provided are based on individual credit profiles and affordability.

Capitec is a responsible lending institution and provides free Credit Life Insurance to clients to make sure that debt is settled on behalf of clients should they no longer be able to make payments. Unlike other lenders, free retrenchment and death cover for loans more than 3 months is provided.

Simple and fast to apply for, Capitec Personal Loans have a few requirements for application:

Valid S.A. I.D.

Be 18 years or older

Latest 3 months’ bank statement

Current payslip

Proof of residence

Apply online: or visit a branch.

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