Standard Bank is a titan of the financial services industry. It has created unique, often incomparable products and services designed to make the lives of its clients much simpler. The banking experience with Standard Bank is made much more pleasant with its efficient systems. 

If you are looking for a source of credit that gives you access to funds on a continuing basis, Standard Bank’s Revolving loan may be the ideal solution for your needs. With this facility, you are able to access a minimum amount of R4000 and a maximum amount of R4 million in credit. Access to this facility is dependent on your ability to repay as a client. This service works by allowing you to borrow more funds, as long as 25% of the loan has been paid back. The process is straightforward, as you can withdraw finance from the first sum without needing to reapply.

Repayments are fixed, even when you decide to revolve. This makes cash flow management and planning easy. Recognised as the “Most Innovative Investment Bank from Africa” by The Banker Magazine, Standard Bank’s range of solutions is designed to create simplified options for its clientele. A further benefit of the Revolving credit plan is that you don’t need to re-apply for a loan when you need more cash.

As a registered credit provider, with a strong emphasis on responsible lending, Standard Bank ensures that it extends credit to individuals or businesses that will be able to repay the loans comfortably.

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