How to make the Most of Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes

How to make the Most of Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes

What does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover?

This insurance usually covers you against accidental loss or damage to the physical structure of your property, which may be caused by fire, theft, natural disasters and more. As with various other types of insurance cover, Homeowners insurance varies. Comprehensive Homeowners Insurance may provide you with cover against the risk of structural damage, including fire damage, storm damage or a burst geyser.


OUTsurance is a leading insurance provider in South Africa and offers a variety of insurance types at affordable rates. If you are looking for cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes, it may be worthwhile to consider OUTsurance.

Getting insurance may be helpful because you may not always have cash on hand to pay for structural damage.

By applying online for Homeowners Insurance (also commonly known as Buildings insurance in South Africa) OUTsurance promises that clients will get a 10% discount on premiums.

Further benefits include fixed excess amounts as well as a Cash OUtbonus after 3 claim-free years. In addition, you are guaranteed fixed premiums for 12 months.

Call OUTsurance on: 08600 60 000

Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes from Absa:

Absa offers competitive Homeowners Insurance quotes to South Africans. Benefits offered by this insurance type include:

You get peace of mind, knowing that you are covered for any unforeseen events.

Convenience offered by Absa ensures that the type of cover you get is designed to suit your personal needs.

You are able to maintain your financial status in the event of unforeseen events.

What this insurance covers:

  • Theft and malicious damage
  • Attempted theft
  • Fire or explosion, wind, lightning or storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Burst geysers
  • Falling trees or aircraft

Remember that the insurance amount you are quotes is dependent on the amount of honest information you disclose. The insurance company will quote you based on a number of various factors.

Contact Absa by calling: 0861 722 272 or sending an email to


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