In an era of increased users of the popular device called cellphone, the smartphone airtime purchased is no longer used for the regular sms, mms or phone call. It can also be converted to data bundles toaccess online banking services or social apps Facebook and Twitter all at a touch of a button, which is why having airtime anytime is a must on your phone.

Cell C understands this crucial need for talk timethrough their innovative credit solution C Advance, which allows its customers to access emergency airtime in moments of need and pay for it later. As their slogan says talk now, pay later. Cell C has always taken pride in having its customer’s pay less for their phone services and it’s no different with its recent product offering of C Advance.

Cell c airtime advance amounts
The unique product hasa selection of amountswhich range from R5, R10, R25, R50 or R100airtime that the customer can purchase. The C Advance amount is then deducted plus the R1 service fee from the next available recharge amount.

Smartphone users know this all too well that whenthey load airtime onto their phones it gets used as it has to cater to the number of preloaded apps on the phone. To have access to that bit of airtime for a call or sms always makes that much of a difference.

Cell c airtime advance code
It’s simple to use the C Advance, which has no limitations on how often it can be used, just dial *147# from the Cell C phone, select option 7 and follow voice prompts. The service is open to customers who have been with Cell C for a minimum period of 6 months and a customer should have recharged with an average of R30 per month for the last 6 months.