Get Instant Cash, Anytime, Anywhere with Boodle

Boodle is a responsible online lending solution with an application process as safe, thorough, transparent and simple as possible.

Boodle knows that in life, things happen – nasty things, happy things… expensive things. That’s where they come in! Helping you out of any short-term financial problems, it’s just what they do, if you need a cash loan in a blink!

Once you’re onto the Boodle website you choose by clicking on the scroll option of how much boodle you want to borrow (with maximum amount you can lend being R2 500) and also how many days do you need it for (and a maximum of 30 days is allowed).

Interest and fees are calculated upfront, by the automated financier and you know exactly what your repayment amount is before you even start the application process.

Then once you’ve filled out the necessary personal details on the paperless application form you’ll receive an instant decision on whether or not your payday loan has been approved; and if so your cash will be deposited within 10 minutes.

The benefits of using a responsible lender as Boodle:

  • Documentation and agreements are easy to understand.
  • The Quotations issued are valid for 5 working days.
  • Credit Bureau enquiries are performed with your consent.
  • Feedback is provided on the outcome of your application.
  • Affordability calculations are performed to ensure that you can afford your Boodle Loan.

Boodle and Boodle Credit Providers are registered credit providers members and comply with all the legislative requirements in terms of the National Credit Act.

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