Reviewing Loan Tycoon SA

Reviewing Loan Tycoon SA

Tired of unscrupulous lenders? Well why not approach a more reliable, regulated institution for funding, such as Loan Tycoon SA, a South African based broker service with expertise in blacklisted loans, payday loans, personal loans and getting loans for clients with a bad credit record.

This credit facility is available for even blacklisted individuals as long as you’re 18 years and above, and you’re a South African citizen that’s employed with a regular monthly income of R2000 or more. You’ll qualify except if you’re a self-employed individual. Also if you’re under administration or in any kind of debt restructuring program you cannot apply.

As a specialist Loan Tycoon SA has access to many lenders across SA and as such can help find any type of loan for any type of purpose or financial situation.

And also in most instances for most people when applying for a loan it usually means they require the need for immediate access to the cash. Especially after approval of the loan well that’s no problem for Loan Tycoon SA, which provides immediate pay-outs of short-term cash loans as soon as clients have qualified.

It’s as easy as applying online from the comfort of your own home and completing the application, which shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

This financial institution also provides cellphone and funeral insurance products and consolidations. An added benefit included in Loan Tycoon SA’s credit facility is the potential opportunity to earn a referral fee for referring friends to its credit solutions.

For Loan Tycoon’s quick cash loans, send an email to:


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