Russels lifestyle and personal loans

Russels loans – South Africa has in the last two decades shown momentous economic growth in different sectors. The retail sector is among the sectors which have reflected this development recording an annual average growth rate of three percent in the past eight years. The growth of the retail industry can be attributed to stable incomes earned by citizens let alone the increase in the number of foreigners who flock in this country to buy retail products for resale in their countries.

Another factor is that the increase on expenditure of retail goods has also increased development of shopping centers and growth of many businesses. JDfs is among the retail outlets that are benefiting from this growth.

Establsihed in 1943, the retail firm has a huge national presence of shops in South Africa and this was made possible through partnering with sound retail outlets such as Barnetts, Bradlows, Electric Express, Hifi Corp, Incredible Connection, Joshua Doore, Morkels , Price n Pride and Russels.

JDfs’ line of business is selling furniture, appliances and electronic goods on cash or credit. The firm also offers loans to spearhead clients’ access to ready disposable finances thus they (clients) can apply for personal loans.
The retailer can be contacted on 0102110100.

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