FNB Credit Cards – Helping You with Convenient and Hassle Free Purchase Options

FNB Credit Cards – Helping You with Convenient and Hassle Free Purchase Options

First National Bank is rated within the top 3 banking institutions in South Africa. Along with a range of transactional banking options, FNB also provides credit options. Credit cards are useful ways of paying for items even when you do not have cash available. FNB has designed a suite of credit card facilities with the aim of providing a convenient, hassle free way of making purchases and payments. 

Credit card options are offered as Classic, Gold and Platinum solutions.

Classic: To qualify for this card, individuals need to be earning between R36 000 and R79 999 per year. It’s usually targeted towards young professionals. Competitive interest rates are offered and a credit limit of R35 000 is offered on this facility. A R23.00 monthly fee is charged.

Gold: To qualify, you need to earn more than R100 000 per year. Interest free repayments are provided for up to 55 days and the credit limit is R60 000. The monthly fee amounts to R24.50.

Platinum: This card has an unlimited limit and is made available to those earning more than R30 000 per month. Clients benefit from exclusive SLOW Lounges and premium banking facilities. There is a R53.00 monthly card fee.

Credit facilities are popular because of the various ways clients can benefit from them along with the reward programmes that accompany them. Visit your nearest FNB branch to get more information, or simply visit www.fnb.co.za to see which option is best suited to your credit profile and affordability.

Alternatively, call FNB on 0860 327 827.

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