Nedbank is one of South Africa’s largest banks  with a market capitalisation which stands at around R89.6 billion. Nedbank is recognised as the JSE’s most empowered large company under the department of trade and industry codes. It is from this background of empowerment that Nedbank has continued to innovatively introduce goods and services which positively impact the lives of people. One of those products leading the way in this regard is the Nedbank design student credit card.

The Nedbank design student credit is a Nedbank product tailor-made exclusively for students. This card is meant for students because payments can be spread over a longer period of time and the monthly fee is only R5, it also carries no annual service fee, no transaction fees for purchases except 20c government levy, 5 days interest free credit on purchases.

The Nedbank design student credit card also carries other features like 55 days interest free credit on purchases provided that the full outstanding balance is paid by the payment due date. This card also enjoys acceptance at over 25 million merchants locally and abroad. Apart from the opportunity to build a credit record with Nedbank Ltd, clients also get a detailed monthly statement that allows them to monitor all transactions and it also has flexible repayment options which lets a client decide how much they wish to pay off each month.

To get access to this life changing card, Nedbank can be contacted on 0860555111.