Why Career Tests are Important

Why Career Tests are Important

Career tests can be regarded as a scientific summary of your work personality.  As individuals we all have unique personalities that are best suited for certain careers. For example, if you are individual who enjoys mainly artistic endeavours, you might not be particularly well-suited to being an IT systems developer. Or your skills as a builder may not be used effectively as a call centre agent.  

What career tests aim to do is bring individuals closer to careers and jobs that fit them best.

This may be useful for individuals who are struggling with career identity. The results of a career test can guide you towards a career that is the best fit for your skills and work personality.

What are the benefits of career tests?

  • They can show how you work in a team
  • They can be particularly useful for career guidance
  • They can illustrate your strengths at work
  • They can show what your preferred management style is
  • The test can show your work personality

How do career tests work?

Career tests rate certain aspects of your personality, including:


This is a measure of your reasoning and problem-solving skills.



This shows how well you are able to make use of your time effectively.



A career test can help show you how you interact with other people.



A career test can indicate how well-suited you are to working with tools and equipment.



This is an indicator of your listening skills and how you speak with others.



A career test will indicate if you are able to make clear, decisive decisions.



This is a measure of whether or not you are able to focus on the problem at hand.


Recruiters are able to use the results of career tests to help organisations hire suitable candidates for certain jobs. You will also be happier once you know which type of career suits your skills and work personality best.


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