Vantage Capital, the equity experts

Equity in economics refers to the ownership of an asset after all debts associated with the asset are paid off. Stocks are therefore counted as equity because they represent ownership in a company. Equity trading is done in anticipation of income from dividends and capital gains as the value of the stock rises. Equity trading in many cases is therefore seen as secondary investment. The intricacies and value of this kind of business is what brought Vantage Capital on the scene.

Vantage Capital was established in 2001 and stands out as one of the pioneering black owned and managed private equity fund managers and remains as one of the few remaining black controlled, independent private equity firms in the country. Vantage Capitals business vision has always been driven by third-party private equity fund management which refers to technology and mezzanine funds as well as advisory and debt placement services and on balance sheet proprietary investments. Vantage Capitals current management and investment funds stand at R3 billion. Vantage Capitals mezzanine market expertise has also spread across into Africa.

Due to its background of being a pioneering black economic empowerment firm (BEE), Vantage Capital is very keen to assist in the transformation of the private equity industry. Other factors that Vantage Capital considers before getting involved in a business include risk-return profile, the size of the investment, the location, the industry and the value addition that the company can derive from Vantage Capital Managements involvement.

With Vantage Capital, the private equity industry has a reliable partner. Vantage Capital can be contacted on 0115309100.

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