Sleep better with Zero Debt

Are you drowning in all your Debts? Take the first step in taking out one loan to pay off your many others with Zero debt.

If you’re on the verge of bankruptcy and would like to discount the amount of a loan or maybe you took out your house as collateral for a secured loan to obtain lower interest rates.

Zero Debt is an independent company with debt relief consultants that will be able to assist you to manage your debt into one affordable instalment at reduced interest rate.

Take Action! Through the Zero Debt relief 3 step process:

  1. Complete free assessment form found at to enable Zero Debt to determine your over indebtedness and affordability. You have to be over indebted to qualify. Once declared over indebted, they shall inform all your credit providers, credit bureaus and the NCR.

Your creditor providers will send Zero Debt your certificate of balance (COB) on all your accounts. (You will immediately start to pay the reduced monthly instalment which you can afford based on your assessment).

  1. Once Zero Debt received all the balances from your credit providers, they will draft the restructured plan that will be forwarded to all your credit providers. Your debt counsellor will send you a copy of the plan as well. (During the first 60 working days, no legal action may be taken against you as you are protected by the National Credit Act).
  1. Zero Debt will instruct their specialised attorney to proceed with obtaining a granted court order based on you restructured payment plan. (You will not have to appear in court, as your debt counsellor will be the applicant).

Contact 086 111 3749 / Cell: 082 415 7996 or Fax: 086 649 6252

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