South Africa Alpha Capital Management

The global banking industry has seen an increase in offshore banking accounts and transactions by individuals and business houses. Offshore banking is simply the opening of an account in a location outside the country you are living which in most cases is a low tax jurisdiction. Offshore banking offers great benefits to account holders which explains the increasing popularity of this trend.

Some of the benefits provided by offshore banking include convenience which allows you to stay with the same bank no matter how many times you move countries, expat expertise which grants you access to specialists who can help you structure your investments and choose the right foreign exchange solutions and tax efficiency which allows you to manage your money in a tax efficient way.

The flexibility, strength and security offered by offshore banking is what South Africa Alpha Capital Management has tried to exploit for the good of the business world. SA Alpha is a Bermuda based offshore investment platform allowing investors to make USD investments into Southern African Alternative Investment Funds. This selected pool of funds allow investors to access them individually. These funds are also US Dollar denominated with exposure to country specific securities hedged back into US Dollar through currency derivative contracts. SA Alpha in this regard is compensated directly by the funds and not as an additional explicit charge to the investor.

South Africa Alpha Capital Management is indeed the ideal offshore investment fund.

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