What is the Universal Branch Code for UBank?

What is the Universal Branch Code for UBank?

Ubank offers a variety of products to clients and this includes savings accounts as well as credit options. You can apply for a loan online, as well as other products like funeral plans. Ubank is not one of the largest banks in South Africa but they are quickly growing their client base.

Ubank has a rich history that starts in 1975 and they originally offered financial services to miners. This has quickly grown and they are now a commercial bank and was awarded a banking licence. Customers can benefit from the following products:

  • transaction accounts
  • debit cards
  • personal loans
  • home loans
  • savings accounts
  • funeral plans
  • cellphone banking
  • airtime contracts

There is no universal branch code for Ubank at the moment but customers can search for any branch by using their online branch search function on the Ubank website. This means that if you want to do an electronic payment someone that has a Ubank account you can simply search for the branch online to find a branch could you should use.

Apart from electronic payment. You can also do cash payment inside a branch or use cellphone banking, which is very convenient. This means that you can do convenient payments to anyone with a Ubank account from anywhere in South Africa.

Ubank offers various packages, including a Gold-, Silver-, and Bronze package. This includes airtime, a VISA debit card, a bank account and a fixed deposit bonus if you invest a minimum of R10,000 for at least 6 months. This is only one of the benefits of opening a Ubank account.

You can apply online for an account and a consultant will phone you back to complete your application. You can also go directly to any branch to open a bank account and learn about all the features of your new account.



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