Rodel a specialist bridging finance company

Are you a residential or commercial property owner? Or have you recently sold your property? Or have you been granted a new, further or switch bond?  And are you in need of some money before registration?

Rodel a specialist bridging finance company can upfront your cash now as no transactions to big or to small!

Rodel offer you a cash advance on services of:

  • Outstanding rates/taxes and levies on the property being sold – Rodel will provide finance to property buyers either where a bond has been secured or the proceeds from a prior sale are being used to cover these costs, which have to be paid upfront to the conveyancer, before registration of transfer can take place.
  • Seller’s advances – Rodel will provide property sellers with up to 80% of the surplus proceeds from the sale of a property.
  • Advances on estate agents’ commission – Rodel will provide estate agents who have a valid FFC with an advance of up to 80% of the commission due on a property sale.
  • Advances on new, further or switch bonds – Rodel will provide existing property owners, who have applied for and been granted a new, further or switch bond with up to 80% of the net proceeds from the new, further or switch bond.

Rodel is also a member of the Bridging Finance Association of South Africa (BFASA) and has been in existence since 2000 and through their longstanding and established relationships with South Africa’s largest bond originators, legal firms, banks and estate agencies. Rodel has provided bridging financial solutions nationally.

All applications are considered on their own merit and approval is subject to the discretion of Rodel Credit Committee. Visit and Apply for your Bridging Finance.

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