These Are Some of the Top Paying Jobs in Durban

These Are Some of the Top Paying Jobs in Durban

Finding a job is great, but finding the highest paying jobs is even better. If you live in Durban, there are many different jobs that may interest you, but here are the ones that pay best:

  • Operations manager: R284,712 per annum
  • Accountant: R218,2641 per annum
  • Civil Engineering Technician: R137,156 per annum
  • Personal Assistant: R128,400 per annum
  • Graphic Designer: R120,760 per annum

There are many excellent job search platforms online, including Careers24, Indeed, Career Junction, Job Mail and more. But that’s not the only way you can search for jobs in Durban:

  • Browse all media for advertisements, i.e. newspapers, journals, internet, databases, websites. You can visit your local library to get FREE access to newspapers and the internet.
  • Try to get hold of in-house company magazines or newspapers, as well as internal (intranets) postings through your network of friends and acquaintances.
  • Chat with people and listen carefully at all social occasions and meetings. Try to find out if there are any job opportunities that other people know of.
  • Get in touch with a valid and professional recruitment agency. Phone them first to find out if there is any sense in sending them your CV. At this point you can also find out if, at the moment, they have any positions that are perfect for someone like you.
  • Don’t be shy. Call up a company for which you’d like to work and find out if they currently have any positions open – speak to the Human Resources Manager, or even the Director, if possible. Find out what kind of qualifications they’re looking for. Even if there are no positions currently offered in your field or with your experience, ask them what kind of qualifications or experience they would look for were your dream position open.


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