Jobs in Durban

Jobs in Durban

Jobs that are high in demand in South Africa include: 

  • IT
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Marketing, Production and Trades
  • Admin and office

The job market in South Africa is depressed, with unemployment figures soaring every year. Statistics indicate that about 600 000 university graduates are unable to get employment.

This is over and above the fact that there are also people with matric certificates who are also seeking employment.

The major skills shortage has also contributed to the challenge faced by the country.

Recent trends indicate that many large organisations are taking up to 2 weeks to review CVs. This shows that those who are hiring are being much more prudent in the choices that they make.  Companies are looking for individuals who are the right fit for their organisations.

Jobs in Durban are available all year round. This coastal city has a number of opportunities available for a variety of job positions.

Accounts Clerk 

Salary: R60 000 – R72 000 yearly

Software Support Analyst (FBC) 

R200 000- R300 000 yearly

Senior Art Director 

R20 000- R25 000 monthly

How to improve your job prospects when searching for jobs in Durban: 

Clean up your CV and professional profiles

By ensuring that your CV is updated and concise, you may have a positive impression on recruiters and headhunters. Make sure that your portfolio of work represents the best aspects of your talents and skills. Ensure that there are no typing errors.

Do your homework

When applying for jobs in Durban, as with any other company, make sure that you do your research beforehand.

Get out there and market your services

Spread the word about your services. Send you CV and profile to companies who may be the best fit for your skills and work personality.

Don’t let rejection get you down

Remember that not every job is the right fit for you. Rejection only means that you have a chance to find the right position for you.

Ace the interview by being prepared

Make sure that you’re informed and ready for common questions that may come up.

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