“So many people spend their health gaining wealth and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health,” quote by A.J. Reb Materi.

And the older we become our health becomes our priced commodity. But the sad part is that even if you’re working not a lot of people can still afford good medical aid schemes as many workers in South Africa earn far less add to that the cost of living, which has become very high in relation to income. Increase in electricity and petrol hikes and the rand not standing so good against other currencies has left little if no income in peoples wallets.

And looking for the cheapest medical aid cover may not always seem as beneficial because paying far less every month could just as well be like water down the drain. If say certain medical needs arise and your medical scheme can’t cover your costs. It’s important to take note of specific exclusions that may affect your cover.

Therefore it’s better to rather look for the benefit option that will provide the best cover considering your healthcare needs. The Genesis medical scheme can help you to select an affordable plan that’s tailored to your needs.

The Genesis medical aid provides health care funding with benefits at affordable prices with low contribution increases, which stand at only 5.5% for 2016.

With benefit options ranging from their affordable and rated best value for money hospital plan on either the Private Choice or the Private benefit options. The plan has no overall annual limit for hospital cover and you may use any private hospital and doctor or medical specialist in South Africa as there are no networks. Or opt for a more comprehensive medical aid cover on either the Private Plus or the Private Comprehensive options, which offers savings for day-to-day healthcare expenses and basic dentistry on all plans.

Also take advantage of the schemes tailored opportunity to take care of your extended health and welfare needs as all Genesis members qualify for a 20% discount on gym membership at any Planet Fitness club in South Africa.

Visit www.genesismedical.co.za to join.