A comparison of the Discovery Hospital Plan vs Fedhealth Hospital Plan

A comparison of the Discovery Hospital Plan vs Fedhealth Hospital Plan

Illness does not often announce its arrival and it may arrive during the times when your finances are not looking so good. It’s always advisable to have a financial reservoir for such occasions.Medical aid can come in handy when you are admitted into hospital and there are extremely high medical bills to pay.

Each product is designed to meet specific needs, in partnership with various hospital institutions. There are a wide range of medical aid providers worldwide. South Africans have access to various medical aid providers.

Discovery and FedHealth are two of the foremost medical aid providers in South Africa- offering affordable rates for quality healthcare.

For many South Africans their first option when considering their healthcare needs is often a Hospital Plan.

A Hospital Plan provides cover specifically for a period of hospitalisation.

Comparing Discovery Hospital Plan vs Fedhealth Hospital Plan:

Through the Discovery Hospital Plan, members get unlimited private hospital cover.

The Core Series offers guaranteed full cover in hospitals for specialists on a payment arrangement.

The Smart Series offers unlimited GP consultations with only R50 or R100. Members also get unlimited private hospital cover in the Smart Network.

Discovery provides medical aid cover for over 5.1 million clients nationwide.

To contact Discovery, call: 0860 000 628

The FedHealth Hospital Plan offers an income-aligned plan. This offers members great value, while taking members’ salaries into account.

The Maxima EntryZone offer is available for R1326 per month and offers a first-rate, affordable hospital plan.

The Maxima Core Plan is available for R1716 per month and is a hospital plan with unlimited cover, plus great other benefits.

The Blue Door offer is designed for previously uncovered lower income employees. It can be accessed at hospitals which are partnered with FedHealth.

A comparison between the Discovery Hospital Plan vs Fedhealth Hospital Plan shows that both solutions offer members great value and access to quality healthcare.

Visit www.discovery.co.za and www.fedhealth.co.za

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