Genesis medical aid scheme was established in 1995 with a vision of  providing affordable and tailor-made medical aid solutions to the South African public. Today, Genesis is rated as one of the most successful medical aid plans in the country giving comprehensive media aid cover with savings for day-to-day healthcare expenses and unequaled benefits and customer service to clients.

Genesis offers its clients  great benefits some of which includes giving clients the privilege of choosing their preferred hospital, doctor or medical specialist  and the funding model. Members with Genesis are never forced to seek treatment in network hospitals, nor are they required to make use of network medical practitioners. The Genesis funding model offers options, should a client choose to be treated in a private hospital even if the condition is listed as a prescribed minimum benefit (PMB), the benefits  and limits as set out in the rules will apply. Should the claim be related to a PMB and a client  wants it to be paid according to the law of the medical schemes act, then treatment must be obtained in a public hospital.

The Genesis premium rates are some of the lowest on the market. Adult premiums are around R855 per month on the private choice benefit option, the private comprehensive cover is a mere R2045 per month, the rates for children are very low and flexible, the first child premium costs R340 per month and the subsequent children only cost R125 per month.

Genesis medical aid contact details – Genesis has indeed made the medical aid business simpler and affordable. Clients can call them on 0860 102010.