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Knife Capital is an independent third-party fund manager focusing on growth, high impact technology enabled businesses from within South Africa and other neighboring countries and economies across Sub-Saharan Africa. Knife Capital business services are driven in various business streams such as the Bizspark programme, Grindstone accelerator, Find-Make-Grow-Realise, Knife knowledge, Knife capital growth equity fund and HBD venture capital.

The KnifeCap/BizSpark programme is run in conjunction with Microsoft and its meant to assist local start-ups through the provision of a growth gap analysis, development tools and business support. Knife Capital is the link between credible investors and high growth small to mid cap companies. To qualify for this programme, a start-up must be developing software or apps, be privately held, generating less than R5 million in annual revenue and be less than 5 years old.

Grindstone Accelerator is a Knife Capital acceleration initiative which is tailored to assist 50 high growth technology enabled companies to become sustainable and fundable. This is done by building a foundation for growth, create relevant business networks and enable these businesses to take advantage of market access opportunities.

KnifeCap Knife knowledge programme provides consulting, training and business acceleration services to high growth early stage ventures in Southern Africa. Grooming a new generation of role models and African leaders is what this programme is tailored for.

Knife capital growth equity fund has been created to cater for entities who are in need of expansion capital. The investment size per first round investment will range between R10m and R30m.
HBD venture capital is another of Knife capital portfolios which offers growth capital to a range of early stage businesses.

Start up entrepreneurs can indeed rely on Knife Capital for capital support. Knife Capital can be contacted by email through

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