6 different ways to save

6 different ways to save

Amelia is a young student who is about to graduate from varsity. She is excited about starting her chosen career and about the prospect of earning an income. During her student years she had the benefit of being able to rely on having her studies financed by her parents. She hasn’t had to worry much about finances, but is contemplating her new journey as a self-sustaining professional.  

Part of this, means that she has to develop new financial behaviour, while also being open to learning new ways of managing her finances in the best ways possible. 

Even though Amelia’s parents taught her the basics of saving money, she still has quite a bit to learn. 

There are 6 different ways to save, which could make her life much easier. 

Use cash instead of credit cards 

Even though Amelia has access to a credit card, if she is serious about saving more of her money from the get-go, a simple way of achieving this would be using cash instead. Living on credit can be highly tempting, but being in debt takes away from savings goals. This is why she should take the time to change her behaviour. This will also make her more financially-disciplined. 

Pay yourself first 

Widely known as the golden rule of saving, this makes it easier for individuals to get into the habit of saving. 

Find another source of income 

Relying on only one source of income is more of a risk in the 21st century, compared to previous years. Saving becomes easier when you have more than one source of income. This isn’t to say that it can’t be done with one source, but that it simply accelerates the journey to financial freedom. 

Automate your savings 

Doing this may help to avoid temptation to spend that comes with manually saving every month. 

Get rid of debt 

Pay debt off fast to avoid paying more interest. 

Start investing more 

Stick to your budget and save. Once you’re in the habit of doing this, invest your money. 

Finding ways to save is an important way to ensure that you will become financially secure.

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