Stores with Credit Cards – Creating Simple Shopping Solutions

Stores with Credit Cards – Creating Simple Shopping Solutions

The retail store industry is highly competitive. Thousands of stores are competing for the attention of customers, while aiming to retain these customers through loyalty rewards programmes and discounts. 

One of the many ways through which stores are trying to gain and retain clientele is by offering store credit cards.

Stores with credit cards in South Africa:

Ackermans card 

As an Ackermans customer, you can enjoy more benefits as you shop, by applying for an Ackermans card. This card can be used at any Ackermans store.

Your Ackermans card is like a credit card and purchases made on it will require your personal signature.

You have the option of applying for a credit limit increase every 6 months.

Woolworths credit card

Woolworths is a popular retail store that has an extensive history in South Africa. Established in October in 1931, Woolworths has established a reputation as a trusted provider of quality products and financial services.

Woolworths Credit Cards are offered in three options: 

  • Black Credit Card, that offers up to 3% back in WVouchers
  • Gold Credit Card, that offers up to 2% back in WVouchers
  • Silver Credit Card, that offers up to 1% back in WVouchers

Benefits offered by Woolworths Credit Cards include the ability to shop anywhere, a budget facility for individuals under the age of 75. Woolworths Credit cardholders also have the benefit of medical assistance.

The Woolworths Credit Cards can be used to draw cash at any ATM displaying the Visa logo. A Comprehensive Balance Protection Plan is also included, which covers your debt in cases of unexpected events such as death, retrenchment, critical illness or permanent disability.

iStore credit card

The iStore is one of the latest retailers to join a growing list of stores with credit cards. Through this credit card you have access to a straight or budget facility so you can buy more expensive Apple products.

You also get to use the card for cash withdrawals at any ATM. Supported by Standard Bank, the iStore credit card has a R31 monthly service fee.

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