How to Prevent Credit Card Cloning

How to Prevent Credit Card Cloning

Owning a credit card comes with a number of benefits. It also means that you need to beware of credit card fraudsters who are always looking to steal your information and use your card fraudulently. 

There are steps you can take to prevent credit card cloning: 

Keep a close eye on the person you are paying and make sure that you never let your credit card out of sight. Unscrupulous retail employees or waitrons may use skimming machines if you aren’t cautious.

Ensure the person you are paying has nothing else in their hands as you may your payment.

Check for tampering when you use an ATM. Skimmers read the magnetic stripe as the card is inserted, so give the card a bit of a wiggle as you put it in.

Cover the keypad with your hand when you enter your PIN. Do this wherever you enter you enter your PIN. Scammers often require your PIN to commit fraud, so this is one of the easiest steps you can take if you want to prevent credit card cloning.

Stop and consider the safety of the ATM before you use it. Avoid using standalone ATMs or those in secluded outdoor areas. If you suspect that something may be wrong, don’t use the ATM or cancel the transaction.

Never share your PIN with anyone. Memorise the number and destroy any documents containing your PIN.

Only shop at secure websites. When shopping online, make sure that you use only verified and secure websites.

Don’t make financial transactions on shared or public computers. These computers may not be secure and scammers can use malware to steal financial information.

Monitor credit card receipts and check them carefully against your statements. If you notice any suspicious behaviour on your credit card, contact your credit card company.

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