Get a loan from Equi-Advance Loans

Get a loan from Equi-Advance Loans

Need a loan with fast approval no problem as you can get a loan from Equi-advance loans. A private company which does not operate with intermediaries when you turn to them for assistance and become their client, you deal directly with them.

The company specialises in the provision of short-term credit solution loans. These are loans that are a great financial solution for those individuals who’ve difficulties with covering major or emergency expenses.

And Equi-Advance Loans are short term loans designed specifically for companies such as closed corporations and trusts that have no fewer than three trustees. There are always challenges when it comes to cash flow management, especially for small and medium enterprises.

If you’re an entrepreneur asking yourself where and how to find finance for business purposes or you already have a running business, and would like to borrow as a resolution to your existing problems there’s Equi-Advance Loans.

And with loan amounts up to R300 000, there’s no upper limit. You can expect the most competitive interest rates in the market, the most flexible terms and conditions and 1-12 months repayment term. As well as competitive interest rates since the loans are secured they have lower interest rates compared to their unsecured counterparts.

The lender requires the placement of an immovable asset as collateral, which they’ll approve. The drawback is that you’ll lose the asset if you don’t repay the loan as per the terms and conditions of the agreement. Otherwise, your business may be forced to seize its operations. Therefore you have to be absolutely certain that you’ll be able to repay the principal plus interest.

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